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The Board of NYCI is the Governing body of the National Youth Council of Ireland and broadly represents all member organisations and is ultimately responsible to the Member Organisations.

The members of the Board are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, the Chairperson of the International Advisory Committee, seven (7) persons elected by the Youth Work electoral college and four (4) persons elected to the Youth Interest electoral colleges.

The Board implements the work programme and policies of the National Youth Council of Ireland and it is the decision making body between AGMs. The Board meets at least six times a year.



(Updated June 25th 2015)

Ian Power ( – President


Denis O’Brien (Foroige) – Vice President


Sean Finan (Macra) – Treasurer

Teresa Walsh (ICTU Youth) – IAC Chair


Mike Randal SI

Mike Randall (Scouting Ireland)


Mary T Hally

Mary Theresa Hally (Irish Girl Guides)


Gordon Hill

Gordon Hill (Crosscare)


Paul Gralton

Paul Gralton (Youth Work Ireland)



Declan Burgess

Declan Burgess (Young Fine Gael)



Greg Moroney

Gregory Moroney (Ogra Fiann Fail)



Anne Stephens

Ann Stephens (Involve)


Rhona Dunnett

Rhona Dunnett (National Association for Youth Drama)


Joanna Siewierska.

DErek Reilly

Derek Reilly