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We're Here - Hear us now!

On June 28th NYCI hosted a national consultation on integration and inclusion in Ireland.

The event brought together young people and youth workers to tackle the issues and draft recommendations to be brought to the next EU Youth Conference in Cyprus.


Europe Consulting with Young People

This consultation “We’re Here, Hear Us Now” is part of a Europe Wide Consultation with Young People on issues that affect them.  The recommendations that young people and youth leaders make at this consultation will join the recommendations from consultations in all the European member states and set the agenda for a EU Youth Conference in Cyprus in September, which will be attended by policy makers and young people from all over Europe.  If you would like to apply to attend the Cyprus EU Youth Conference click here . This process is ongoing and is called the Structured Dialogue process – it is a way that European policy makers consult with young people and youth work organisations.  For more details on this process see video below. 


How can you join in:

  • Start the conversation at your youth group and among your friends and post your thoughts on our Comment Page.
  • You can explore the issue using these guiding questions:

What are the barriers to young people from minority backgrounds participating? 

How are young people from minority backgrounds experiencing exclusion?

What needs to change and who is responsible to bring these changes about?

Give an example of when young people from minority backgrounds are included and discuss what made this possible?



Here is a link to a presentation on Structured Dialogue


Also this link to the European Youth Forum website tells you all you need to know about Structured Dialogue



  • What is structured dialogue?:




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This event is funded under the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union

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