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Reaction: Budget 2016

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 18:30

Young jobseekers: extreme disappointment that cuts not reversed

Increase in funding for youth services welcomed

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) - which represents youth groups working with over 380,000 young people nationwide - has expressed disappointment that the Government has failed to reverse the deep cuts to jobseekers allowance for those under 26 in Budget 2016. 

Ian Power, NYCI President said: “We welcome the decline in youth unemployment in recent years, however, that drop has stalled in recent months and we still have 40,000 young people on the live register with over 18,000 unemployed for one year or more. 

“NYCI had proposed the restoration of the full adult rate of €188 for young jobseekers under 26 who participate in initiatives such as the Back to Education Scheme, SOLAS funded training and JobBridge. This would have provided more support to young people moving into education, training and work experience. We are also concerned that there was no provision of additional funding to implement the Youth Guarantee in 2016” said Mr Power.

Increase in funding for youth services welcome
 “We welcome the announcement that there will be an increase in funding for youth work services in Budget 2016. This will provide additional support to our member organisations, their 1,400 staff and 40,000 volunteers who are working with over 380,000 in every community across the country,” continued Mr Power. 

“In the context of 7 successive years of cuts amounting to a 31% cut to youth services since 2008, it is to be welcomed that this year’s Budget sees an increase of €1.1m in current and €2.25m in capital expenditure on vital support and services for young people.

“As well as making a very significant social impact, the sector also delivers exceptional value for money. A report on the economic value of the sector indicated that for every €1 spent on youth services the state saves €2.20 euro in the long run. With further resources youth organisations could make an even greater contribution to addressing youth unemployment, social exclusion and poverty,” he added.

“While we welcome measures such as the increase in the minimum wage, as 39% of those on this rate are under 30 years of age, and reductions in the USC for the low paid, it is extremely disappointing to see the lack of action regarding young jobseekers. We were told that this budget was about “all sharing in the recovery”, however for young jobseekers this is clearly not the case” concluded Mr Power.


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