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Past Conferences

  • NYCI’s 2015 Annual Conference focused on the topic of Playing our Part, the youth sectors contribution to the implementation of the National Youth Strategy. The conference addressed managers, staff and volunteers in the youth sector and to other stakeholders from Government Departments, State Agencies and the wider community and voluntary sector all of whom have an important role to play in building collaborative relationships and ensuring effective connections between the new National Youth Strategy and local planning and service delivery.

  • This major conference addressed those working in the youth, community and voluntary sector, academics and policy makers. It looked at gender in youth work at both practice and organisational level. It sought to understand what we bring to our work and to explore how we can best work with young women and young men to tackle a range of gender based inequalities.


    Below you will find the multimedia resource list referred to at the conference.

  • This major conference addressed those working in the youth, community and voluntary sector, academics and policy makers. As well as looking at the benefits of embracing arts practice at a strategic level to deliver youth work outcomes, it provided insights on funding and partnership strategies for working with young people.



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  • The Screenagers Conference, which took place in November 2012 was a huge success.

    The conference addressed the topics:

    • How can we make best use of digital tools in youth work?
    • How can young people be empowered to use social media in a safe way?
    • How can youth workers help young people to become authors rather than just consumers in the digital world?

    Prezi Overview of the entire Conference:

  • “How do we know its working?” a jointly hosted NYCI/Youthnet North-South Conference, took place on Friday, 25th November 2011 in Dundalk.

    Targetting management of and practitioners in youth work, this conference explored how we plan for and measure the impact of our work. The aim was to demystify terminology around outputs and outcomes to enable support organisations and staff to better communicate the value, benefit and impact of what we do.

  • “Ways and Means of Working with Older Teens” was NYCI’s annual thematic conference which took place in 2009.

    The conference examined the social context and the role of youth organisations; seeking to identify opportunities and develop positive, creative and innovative ways of working with and providing supports for older teens.

  • NYCI's 2010 Annual Conference for the youth sector is “Dealers in Happiness”, took place in November. It examined the role of Youth Workers in promoting positive mental health in young people.