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One vote in each ballot box enough to change the outcome of referendum

Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 04:30

- there are almost 6,000 ballot boxes nationwide - divorce referendum was carried by just 9,114 votes -

Youth Council urges almost 690,000 18 to 29 year olds to get out and vote

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) - which represents organisations working with over 380,000 young people nationwide – has issued a reminder of the importance of each vote cast next Friday. The group is also encouraging young people to get to the polls and ensure they cast their ballot in the referendum on May 25th.

James Doorley, NYCI deputy director explained: “We have compiled the figures from local authorities which indicate that there are 5,866 ballot boxes nationwide.* This means that one vote in each ballot box could conceivably be enough to change the outcome of the referendum.

“The divorce referendum, for example, was carried by 9,114 votes. If just one voter in each ballot box across the country had voted no rather than yes, then the referendum would have had a different outcome,” continued Mr Doorley.

Voters – not opinion polls – decide result
“We are confident that the extraordinary level of youth voter registration seen in recent days will be matched by a high level of youth voter turnout. But it’s important to remember that the result will be decided by those who turn out. Given the importance of each and every vote, it really is vital that people do get out and vote on the day.
“There are almost 690,000 18 to 29 year olds in Ireland. In the coming days NYCI will be encouraging this age group in particular to make sure they make their voices heard on Friday the 25th of May,” concluded Mr Doorley.

First-time voters: what you need to know
The Youth Council is also making instructions available to first time voters on letting them know what they need, and what to expect when they get to the polling station.


For further information, please contact Daniel Meister, Communications Manager at NYCI on 01 425 5955 or 087 781 4903 or email

The full list of supplementary register returns which have been provided to NYCI are available below.

* Data provided by returning officer of each constituency in May 2015.

National Youth Council of Ireland
The National Youth Council of Ireland is a membership-led umbrella organisation that represents and supports the interests of voluntary youth organisations and uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact on young people