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Causeway offers British and Irish youth groups a unique opportunity to develop young people’s sense of identity and self-awareness through exchanges and the partnerships they develop. Causeway projects promote working in a team and provide a valuable avenue to dealing with issues of tolerance and diversity.

There are a lot of great reasons to do a Causeway project.

Many of the issues that youth workers in Ireland and the UK face are very similar: intercultural integration, drug use, anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancies.

Causeway projects are a great way to explore young people’s perceptions of their own identity and where they come from as well as the issues of tolerance and diversity.

Because the distances are relatively short, there is a real opportunity to build up a strong relationship with a partner group over time.

As a ‘tool’ for youth workers, an exchange can be an innovative way to challenge young people and add to their personal development through experiential learning.

Causeway offers options such as Advance Planning Visits and Contact Exchanges which can help young people prepare for a longer exchange.

For more information on funding opportunities see the Opportunities Section and  Causeway website