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CSO Live Register:

Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 15:00

Youth Council reaction to latest figures

Over 32,000 under 25s signing on  

  • Up 2,512 since April 2017 (29,725): third monthly increase in row
  • Seasonal trends a factor but still cause for concern
  • over 11,000 young people long-term unemployed still far too high
  • Youth council calls for investment to halve this figure

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) - which represents organisations working with over 380,000 young people - has expressed concern at the third monthly increase in a row in the number of young jobseekers under 25. New figures released today (03.08.17) by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) for July 2017 show that there were 32,237 young people under 25 signing on the live register, up by 505 since June 2017, with  2,512 more when compared with April 2017.*

Concern at long-term unemployed young people
Commenting on the figures James Doorley, NYCI deputy director said: “We are disappointed at the increase in young people signing on, and that today’s figures represent the third month in a row when the numbers have increased. This may – in part – be explained by seasonal trends. Of even greater concern is the high number of long-term unemployed young people. The overall decrease in youth unemployment since 2012 has been welcome; however, we must not lose sight of the underlying problem of long term youth unemployment. At 11,257, a substantial cohort of young people has been unemployed for 12 months or more.”**

Call to halve long-term unemployment among youth
“We are calling on Government to commit to reducing the number of young people under 26 who are long term unemployed to under 5,000 by the end of 2018. It is vital we support young jobseekers into education, training and work experience and prevent the drift into long-term joblessness. This will require a renewed focus on the implementation of the EU Youth Guarantee and the provision of additional education and training places,” explained Mr Doorley.

“We recommend an additional investment of €47.4m (€14m net cost) in Budget 2018 to reduce the number of young people long term unemployed by the end of 2018.*** This is the gross cost as this investment would lead to reduced social welfare payments as more young people move into employment that would save €33.4m per annum.

“As the economy recovers we should be much more ambitious in tackling long term unemployment, in particular among young people. In the last few weeks we have raised the need for action on the issue of youth unemployment at both the National Economic Dialogue and at the Department of Social Protection’s Pre-Budget Forum. While progress has been made the third monthly increase in the numbers of young people signing on and the consistent high levels of long term youth unemployment should be sufficient notice that this problem is far from solved and needs attention. We are calling on Government to set ambitious targets and invest in measures to reduce youth joblessness in the upcoming Budget,” concluded Mr Doorley.


Contact Daniel Meister, NYCI Communications Manager on 087 781 4903 or 01 425 5955 or

Notes to Editors:


*CSO statistical release, 03 August 2017. Live register:

**Parliamentary Questions: Written answers

*** This is based on the average cost of a SOLAS training place of €7,578, to provide the required 6,700 places would require an investment of €50.7m. This cost would be off-set by reduced social welfare payments of up to €35.7m per annum. Cost of young person on Jobseekers Allowance (lower rate) is €5340 per annum. The estimated saving is based on 6,700 fewer young people in receipt of this payment.



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