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2015- Playing our Part, the youth sector's contribution to the implementation of the National Youth Strategy

NYCI’s 2015 Annual Conference focused on the topic of Playing our Part, the youth sectors contribution to the implementation of the National Youth Strategy. The conference addressed managers, staff and volunteers in the youth sector and to other stakeholders from Government Departments, State Agencies and the wider community and voluntary sector all of whom have an important role to play in building collaborative relationships and ensuring effective connections between the new National Youth Strategy and local planning and service delivery.

Download Conference Programme (PDF)


Ministerial address:
Dr James Reilly, TD,
Minister for Children and Youth Affairs

Keynote Speakers:
Bernie McNally, Assistant Secretary,
Department of Children and Youth Affairs, will provide insights and an overview of the National Youth Strategy.

John Carnochan, OBE Advisor to the University of St Andrews Public Health Medicine team, Co-founder of the national Violence Reduction Unit in Strathclyde, Former Detective Chief Superintendent.


  • Ryan Shanks, Managing Director - Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organisation
  • Orla McBride, Director of the Arts Council
  • Ian Power, President of NYCI, CEO of SpunOut
  • John Carnochan, OBE
  • Elaine Nevin, Director of Eco-Unesco and Youth Sector representative on the NYS Task Group
  • Moderator: Conall O Móráin, Today FM


Bernie McNally, Assistant Secretary, Department of Children and Youth Affairs (Download Presentation - PDF)
Overview of the National Youth Strategy

John Carnochan, OBE (Download Presentation - PDF)
The Scottish experience: how the implementation of national policy can support action at a local level.



Outcome 1: (active and healthy)
Making Policy Real: national policy to local action National Centre for Men’s Health

Outcome 2: (achieving in all areas of learning & development)
Sing and Shine Aspiro

Outcome 3: (safe and protected from harm) (Download)
Local Area Pathways - an opportunity or threat to youth service provision? Kildare Regional Youth Services

Outcome 4: (economic security & opportunity) (Download)
Opportunity Knocks Foroige (NFTE)

Outcome 5: (connected, respected & contributing) (Download)
Hook Ups and Shake Ups Young Social Innovators


See 'The Year is 2025...' intro presentation here (hit autoplay with 4 sec delay to view as clip).

The 'Hypothetical' was one of this year’s conference highlights. The novel format of this plenary session, involving a panel of experts from business, statutory and the youth sectors both entertained and informed delegates about how to respond to the current challenges in implementing strategy and changing how we respond to young people. Set in the year 2025, the Hypothetical debated and discussed an imagined future scenario where the lives of young people have improved dramatically and where the services they need are working effectively and efficiently. The big question put to the panel is How Did We Get Here?. This unscripted moderated panel discussion was followed by an extended Q&A session with lively participation from the delegate audience. This innovative plenary session was moderated by Conall O Móráin, who currently hosts the Sunday Business Show on Today FM and will use his extensive interviewing skills to get behind the issue and to facilitate a lively, informative, stimulating and interactive session.

Conference Programme (PDF)