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Creating a Future for Young Jobseekers

This report is a result of 18 months of consultation with young jobseekers, experts and stakeholders along with research and analysis of existing actions and policies to date.

“The scale and impact of unemployment, particularly amongst young people is well known. We accept that there are no easy answers or quick fixes. However, we believe more can be done to assist young jobseekers through the recession. A lot more can be done even with existing resources, but more human and financial resources are required if we are to really tackle the problem and provide young jobseekers with hope and direction.  The current system is imposing unnecessary hardship on young people and is further driving forced emigration,” stated James Doorley, Assistant Director at the National Youth Council of Ireland.

The position paper examines the issue of youth unemployment in great detail.

Each section examines and questions fundamental aspects of unemployment as it affects young people in the 18 – 25 age cohort.


1 Introduction
2 What is Unemployment?
3 The Social & Economic Impact of Unemployment
4 How Does the System Respond to Unemployment?
6 Improving the System by Removing the Gaps…
7 Emigration
8 An Overview of Government Policy
9 How should we Address the Problem of Youth Unemployment?
10 Conclusion & Summary of Recommendations