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Access All Areas

This resource is essential for anyone working with young people and invites organisations to examine how they engage with youth from a variety of backgrounds.

Use Access All Areas to assess the level of access you are providing to all young people, especially those from minority ethnic communities, young Travellers, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender young people, young people with a disability, early school leavers, young people involved in the juvenile justice system, young parents and young people with mental health issues.

Although I thought that I knew quite a bit about working with ethnically diverse groups, your resource has given me so much support, in fact I am finding it absolutely invaluable. It is the most comprehensive, helpful, useful, genuine and practical resource that I have found and I have read many. The links are fantastic and also comprehensive. I am going to recommend this to EVERYONE!

Sarah - Youth and Community Work student, UCC


Access All Areas can be used with NYCI’s video series "Let's Act on Inclusion". Each short clip in the video series explores what young people and youth workers have to say about equality and inclusion.

To download, right-click on each chapter in the list of pdf files below.

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