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Get Involved

There are various opportunities to get involved in International Youth Work.  Represent NYCI and Irish young people at international seminars and events, meeting young people from all over the world to discuss issues that affect young people and influence decision makers; Organise an Exchange; Attend youth events in Ireland to discuss issues that affect young people worldwide. 

Represent NYCI at an International level:

International Opportunites

There are international opportunities for young people in various difference areas and in different forms such as training, exchanges, seminars and conferences and volunteering.  Click the following for more details of upcoming and past opportunities International Opportunities

EU Youth Conferences hosted by the European Presidency

There are EU Youth Conferences every six months organised by the country holding the EU Presidency.  This is part of the structured dialogue process with young people from all over Europe.  For more info see the International Youth Policy page. There are two EU Youth Conferences every year and the call can be found in the International Opportunity page as they arise.  Information on previous Presidency Youth Events is in past experiences.

International Advisory Committee. 

Members organisations of NYCI can nominate members of the IAC.  See more information on joining the IAC here.  The IAC meet throughout the year providing a forum for NYCI's international representatives to share information and develop common strategies.  Members are kept informed of all relevant issues and developments as well as opportunities for participation at international level.

Youth in Action Programme

Prepare an Exchange, Voluntary Service, International Seminars, training on organising exchanges and contact making seminars.  See Funding section for more information.  


International Youth Work in Ireland:

There are opportunities to getting involved in international youth work without leaving home.  For example attend trainings on international youth work and seminars during European Youth Week or national consultations with young people and youth workers that feed into International youth work and policy.  See the latest Opportunities and News.


Be Informed:

Keep informed with a huge array of websites and online resourses on international youth work and policy.  See International Youth Policy section and Useful Links section for more details.