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Pre Budget 2011 Submission

In this submission, NYCI outline what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending in 2011.

We acknowledge the need to make adjustments to public spending and to broaden the tax base to redress the current exchequer deficit, however, children and young people should not be disproportionately affected by the cuts.

1. Youth Work Funding

  • Assist the youth work sector to support the most vulnerable and marginalised young people through the recession by maintaining funding at existing levels

2. Education, Training and Activation Measures.

  • Increase the number of free part-time college places to 10,000 places.
  • Evaluate the Work Placement Programme by end 2010 and if proven successful; expand the programme to at least 10,000 places.
  • Reform and expand the Local Training Initiative.

3. Youth Unemployment

  • Increase the number of public employment staff either by recruiting more employment officers or by re-assigning staff from other duties in the public service to work directly with job seekers.
  • Increase budget of Technical Employment Support Grant Scheme by €20m

4. Child Poverty

  • Reform Family Income Supplement to reduce child poverty.

5. Promote Young People’s Positive Mental Health

  • Restore the Budget of National Office of Suicide Prevention to 2008 levels.
  • Support training and awareness raising and provide information for young people in positive mental health and suicide prevention.

6. Reducing Alcohol Related Harm

  • Ensure the Liquor Licence fees for off-trade is in line with the on-trade.

Download the full submission below: