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Youth Guarantee

NYCI Policy Position

  • NYCI calls on Government to review current implementation of the Youth Guarantee and set out ambitious targets for delivery of the initiative from 2016-2020

NYCI was among the first organisations to call for the introduction of a Youth Guarantee in Ireland in 2011.  We welcomed the decision of Government to support a Youth Guarantee and their leadership during the Irish EU Presidency in delivering an EU Council recommendation. This recommended that member states guarantee a quality offer of an education, training and/or work experience opportunity to young people who were unemployed for four months or more. We also supported the delivery of the Ballymun Youth Guarantee pilot which ended in December 2014 and which has been positively evaluated. In January 2014 the Government published a National Implementation Plan in order to draw down EU funds for 2014 and 2015.

While we accept the initiative would be phased in over time we are disappointed with the pace of implementation to date. According to the plan the Government was supposed to deliver 28,500 education, training and work experience places in 2014. However, the most recent data from May 2015

 indicates that only 23,313 places were provided.

Also we are concerned that only 9,073 young jobseekers have completed a personal progression plan which is an integral part of the Youth Guarantee.

We are concerned that there is a view that a recovering economy will by itself solve this problem. Some young people will not be able to access the employment available without the education and training promised under the Youth Guarantee. However it is not simply an issue of quantity, the education and training must be of good quality, appropriate to the jobseeker and relevant to the labour market. Too often in the past jobseekers were sent on training courses solely to meet the needs of training providers to fill places. These practices demoralize jobseekers and are a waste of time and money. We need to provide high quality training that responds to the needs of both the jobseekers and the local employers. 

Therefore we are calling on the next Government to review the implementation of the Youth Guarantee and to set out ambitious targets for the delivery of the Youth Guarantee from 2016-2020.


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