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NYCI is dedicated to advocating on behalf of young people and the youth sector to influence policy development and strengthen existing commitments and policies on interculturalism and anti-racism..

What we want to achieve

  • Ensure the implementation of the Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work.
  • Promote the inclusion of young people from minority ethnic backgrounds and Travellers in all youth work.
  • Address racism and xenophobia.


It is important for all young people to have real opportunities to fully participate in youth work to ensure social, cultural and economic cohesion. Young people from minority ethnic backgrounds and Travellers have particular needs and circumstances that need to be considered in relation to accessing youth work and other services.


Interculturalism recognises that this can only be achieved by being ‘planned for’ and being embedded as a whole organisation approach.

· The Intercultural Strategy would give youth work organisations a framework for putting the necessary structures in place to plan for and fully include young people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

· NYCI promotes the use of an ethnic identifier on all registration forms so that organisations can assess if they are being inclusive of the young people from minority ethnic backgrounds and Travellers in their communities.


· The Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work (commissioned by NYCI with the support of OMCYA in 2007) has been adopted by NYWAC as the ‘Report and Recommendation toward an Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work’. The ‘Report’ has been reviewed by the DES and the Department of Health and is awaiting review by the OMCYA.

· Interculturalism is promoted through NYCI representation on strategic steering committees, working groups, advisory groups.

· NYCI tackles the reality of racism and xenophobia through its submission to CERD (UN Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racism and Discrimination).

· Publication of ‘Report on consultations for an intercultural strategy for youth work’. This report highlights the barriers, concerns and needs facing young people and parents from minority ethnic backgrounds and Travellers as well as youth workers on access to youth work.

What can I do?

As an organisation: Lobby Government.

As an individual: Support NYCI by engaging in debate with your local TD on the importance of these issues.


NYCI's Intercultural Programme