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NYCI Programmes

The National Youth Council of Ireland is involved in providing programme support in a number of areas. Some of these are provided by NYCI in partnership with other agencies. The programmes include:

Child Protection Programme

The Child Protection Unit was established in 2005 as part of the implementation of the National Youth Work Development Plan. The CPU aims to develop and implement a comprehensive awareness and training programme for the youth work sector, assess the child protection training needs of the youth work sector and provide increased capacity to the sector to assist the development of comprehensive child protection training programmes. It also aims to encourage and foster existing links and working relationships between the youth work sector and the relevant staff in the statutory services.


Youth Arts Programme

An initiative of the National Youth Council of Ireland, supported by the Arts Council and the Dpeartment for Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA), the Youth Arts Programme is dedicated to the development and advancement of youth arts in Ireland. It aims specifically to realise the potential of young people through good quality arts practice in the youth service and to develop appropriate policies and activities at local, regional and national level.

Development Education Programme

The National Youth Development Education Programme supports youth organisations to integrate development education and anti-racist/intercultural development education into their work with young people. The programme is funded by Irish Aid and Non Governmental Development Organisations.

Youth Health Programme

The Youth Health Programme is a partnership between the National Youth Council, the Health Service Executive and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. The programme works in partnership to provide a broad based, flexible health promotion, support and training service to youth organisations and works to ensure that young persons’ health is on the policy agenda.

Intercultural and Equality Programme

The Intercultural Programme seeks to promote and encourage an intercultural and anti-racist approach as a sustainable feature of youth work in Ireland. We aim to promote equality of opportunity, interaction, understanding, respect and integration between different cultures, ethnic and religious groups as we see difference as something positive that can enrich a society.

International Programme

The Aims and Objectives of the International Programme at the NYCI are to:

  • Monitor new opportunities for young people and youth organisations in financing, training and political representation at an international level.
  • To advise and make proposals to the Board of NYCI on international policies and activities.
  • To facilitate and promote international opportunities.
  • To promote greater awareness of international issues among member organisations eg. White Paper on European Youth Policy, Youth in Action Programme etc.
  • To organise representation of Irish youth at an international level.
  • To facilitate member organisations in acquiring information, further contacts and international opportunities eg. Twinning/Study Visits.
  • To promote good relations with the relevant Government Departments and agencies eg Commission.