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JobBridge and Internships

NYCI Policy Proposal 

NYCI calls on the Government to undertake a review of JobBridge with a view to reform and enhance the scheme

NYCI believes that internships have a role to play in supporting young people to gain the skills and confidence to secure employment, but only if properly structured and regulated. We supported the proposal to introduce “JobBridge” the National Internship Scheme in 2011. We have however raised concerns about the nature, operation and management of the scheme. In February 2015 we published a report “JobBridge: Stepping Stone or Dead End?” (Detailed below) that explored the views and experiences of young people aged 18-25 who participated in the scheme. Our conclusion was that JobBridge requires significant reform to enhance the experience of participants and increase progression into secure employment. We set out ten recommendations to enhance the scheme and address the deficiencies.

Arising from our research we called for a review and reform of JobBridge. We welcome the decision of Government to conduct an Evaluation of the Suitability, Effectiveness and Relevance of JobBridge. However we hope based on our study that this evaluation involves consultation and discussion with actual participants and is more than a desk research exercise. As the economy recovers and employment grows we must make sure schemes such as JobBridge are of a high quality and are supporting participants into employment.


Debate on JobBridge and the Youth Guarantee-Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Social Protection, November 4th 2015


NYCI welcomes JobBridge review but terms of reference will be key August 2015

IMPACT report on JobBridge April 2015

Indecon Evaluation of JobBridge for the Department of Social Protection

JobBridge - Stepping Stone or Dead End?

The findings of this research are mixed: while a majority of participants were satisfied following participation, the research identified a number of deficiencies and a lack of quality.

These range from poorly designed internships, inadequate mentoring, instances of unacceptable treatment of interns and lack of rights and clarity on rights.

Other issues which emerged included insufficient monitoring, job displacement and inadequate income support. We are also concerned that only 27% secured full time employment.

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JobBridge in need of review and reform, despite positive elements, Youth Council report finds

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